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New Snow Day iMovie Trailer Video

Our youngest daughter, Rachel, is 11 years old and absolutely loves going sledding whenever we have snow (or even sleet!) in Oklahoma City. Today we went sledding in our 2.5 inches of snow that fell on Sunday and gave us all a “snow day” from school, and I created a new iMovie trailer of our adventures using the “Coming of Age” theme.

Contrast that iMovie trailer with my February 2013 video, “Sleet Sledding,” created with the “Teen” iMovie trailer theme.

Those are both very fun videos, and provided good excuses for me to “play” with the iMovie Trailer options on my iPhone. My favorite family sledding video of all time, however, remains “Sledding with Rachel and Jake in Oklahoma” from January 2010 when we still lived in Edmond, Oklahoma. We shot that video with a flip-style video camcorder and uploaded the unedited clip. It’s my favorite not only because that was a GREAT snow and ice storm for sledding (and our street was ideal for sled runs) but also because it features our late golden retriever Jake, who we lost over a year ago and dearly miss. How wonderful that Jake’s enthusiasm for his tennis ball and “the Chuck It” can live on through that video!

I created a YouTube playlist of our past “Snow Day” videos, and realized I’d also created a third iMovie trailer of sledding fun in December of 2013. That one used the “Adrenaline” iMovie trailer theme, and is certainly the most exciting version. That was also the biggest snowfall we’ve had since we moved into Oklahoma City.

If you’re creating iMovie trailers with students or just for fun, definitely check out Tony Vincent‘s post from August 2014, “Plan a Better iMovie Trailer with These PDFs.”

OKC Snow Day (Nov 2014) by Wesley Fryer, on Flickr
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