Moving at the Speed of Creativity by Wesley Fryer

Podcast 419: An Interview with Shelly Fryer About Student Voice & iPad Projects

This podcast is a Thanksgiving interview with Shelly Fryer, a self-contained 3rd and 4th grade teacher in an iPad 1 to 1 classroom in Oklahoma City. Shelly’s students recently completed a research project in which they created enhanced eBooks using the Book Creator app for iPad, and published their eBooks as videos to their classroom YouTube channel. In the interview, Shelly discusses how she’s learned to use a Google Site as their classroom “home base website” this year for students to access links she selects and directly adds as needed. Their classroom publishing channels, which include KidBlog, YouTube, and Flickr for photos, are also linked from their classroom website ( Shelly explains how her students are using the free iPad app InstaShare to transfer completed videos to her iPad, so she can publish them to their classroom YouTube channel using the free app, YouTube Capture. She also explains how important it’s been to build a “Maker Culture” in her classroom during their afternoon “Maker Studio” time. Students have created a wide variety of different projects using recycled materials, including a re-creation of the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving parade this week after reading the books “Balloons Over Broadway” by Melissa Sweet and “Milly and the Macy’s Parade” by Shana Corey and Brett Helquist together. She also discusses how she’s continuing to use Twitter and her blog for professional development and learning.

Show Notes:

  1. Follow Shelly Fryer on Twitter: @sfryer
  2. Mrs. Fryer’s classroom “home base” website:
  3. Mrs. Fryer’s classroom YouTube channel:
  4. Mrs. Fryer’s classroom Flickr photo channel
  5. Mrs. Fryer’s 2014-15 Classroom KidBlog site
  6. Create, Make and Learn Workshop in Vermont
  7. Tony Vincent’s awesome mobile learning website: Learning in Hand (@tonyvincent)
  8. iPad Media Camp (@ipadmediacamp)
  9. Book Creator for iPad app by Red Jumper (@bookcreatorapp)
  10. InstaShare app for iPad (free)
  11. YouTube Capture app for iPad (free)
  12. YouTube playlist of student created enhanced eBooks for November 2014 research project
  13. Classroom Princess iMovie trailer by Justin
  14. Cloudart iPad app
  15. “Creating Family Thanksgiving Traditions” by Shelly Fryer
  16. Shelly Fryer’s blog:
  17. Fuel for Educational Change Agents (Wes’ secondary podcast channel)

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