This podcast is a recorded reflection by Shelly and Wesley Fryer (@sfryer and @wfryer) on the June 2015 Mobile Learning Experience. Mobile Learning (@mobile2015) is a fantastic, annual conference in Tucson, Arizona, organized by the Arizona K-12 Center and Tony Vincent. This podcast also includes an interview with Ryan Read (@Ryan7Read) about his successful Kickstarter campaign to fund illustrations for his first graphic novel, working with a high school age illustrator he found via Check the podcast shownotes for referenced links and resources.


  1. The Mobile Learning Experience (@mobile2015)
  2. Archived Learning from the 2015 Mobile Learning Experience (post by Wes)
  3. Arizona K-12 Center (@azk12)
  4. Learning In Hand by Tony Vincent (@tonyvincent)
  5. Westin La Paloma in Tucson (@westinlapaloma)
  6. Wes’ archived #mobile2015 tweets (297)
  7. Camp Plug and Play 10.0: The Creative Technology Camp for Teachers (July 6-10, 2015)
  8. Bob Greenburg (@bobgreenberg) YouTube Interview Series: The Brainwaves Channel
  9. Wes’ video interview by Bob Greenburg: Playing With Media
  10. Erin Klein (@kleinerin)
  11. Miami Device (@miamidevice)
  12. Pixabay (freely licensed images)
  13. Photos for Class (auto-attributed images, openly licensed)
  14. Haiku Deck (auto-attributed images inserted into presentation slideshows)
  15. The Noun Project (openly licensed icons)
  16. Image Resources from
  17. Adobe Voice (free iPad app for narrated slideshows)
  18. iPad Media Camp (@iPadMediaCamp)
  19. The Single Most Important Factor for iPad Success in Schools (by Tony Vincent)
  20. Psychological Ownership (a Google Voice video by Tony Vincent)
  21. Create Media with Permission (a Google Voice video by Wesley Fryer)
  22. Arizona Star Tours
  23. Write Well, Sell Well Conference in Oklahoma City
  24. iPad Books and Videos (#mobile2015 session resources by @sfryer & @wfryer)
  25. Classroom website of Shelly Fryer:
  26. YouTube Channel of Shelly Fryer’s Classroom
  27. Fredrick Douglas by Travis (a video version of an eBook project created with Book Creator for iPad)
  28. Adam Bellow (@adambellow)
  29. PBS Learning Media (@pbslrnmedia)
  30. Wes’ STEM Classroom website:
  31. Ryan Reid (@Ryan7Read)
  32. Kickstarter: My Life as a Comic Book Reader – An Inspirational Story
  33. on My Life as a Comic Book Reader Paperback by Mr Ryan Christopher Read (Author) and Ms. Natisha Reid (Illustrator)
  34. final video promo: My Life as a Comic Book Reader (YouTube)
  35. Mooper Films on Facebook (official Facebook page for the upcoming all-ages graphic novel by Ryan Read and Natisha Reid)
  36. Shelly Fryer on Twitter: @sfryer
  37. Shelly Fryer’s blog:
  38. Wesley Fryer on Twitter: @wfryer
  39. Wesley Fryer’s blog: Moving at the Speed of Creativity
  40. Wes’ Presentation Handouts (upcoming and past speaking schedule)

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