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Podcast429: Creating to Learn – Videoconference Keynote to Bangalore, India

This podcast is an audio recording of Dr. Wesley Fryer’s closing keynote address at the School of Tomorrow Conference in Bangalore, India, on August 1, 2015. This presentation was shared via videoconference from Dr. Fryer’s home in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, so there was a time difference of 10 hours and 30 minutes between the sites. Over 400 Indian educators and educational stakeholders attended the conference and this closing session. The School of Tomorrow Conference was sponsored by the XSEED Foundation for Life. Their Twitter profile (@XSEEDEducation) explains they are “On a mission to transform elementary education globally from rote to learning. About children who can think, solve, create, speak-up, and are unafraid.” The recorded audio from the keynote has been slightly edited to remove silent portions when questions were asked by audience members, but that audio was not recorded locally. In addition, the original audio from the three video clips shared by Dr. Fryer have been amplified and inserted into this podcast. Check the shownotes for a link to the Google Presentation slides Dr. Fryer used in the keynote, a YouTube playlist of shared videos, and additional referenced resources.


  1. Google Presentation Slides for this keynote: “Creating to Learn – Cultivating 21st Century Skills”
  2. YouTube Playlist of 3 Student Work Examples shared in the videoconference
  3. XSEED Foundation for Life (@XSEEDEducation)
  4. More information about videoconference-based professional development offered by Dr. Wesley Fryer
  5. Wes’ STEM resources on iPad-based Coding
  6. “HopScotch Challenges” (a free eBook by Dr. Wesley Fryer)
  7. MinecraftEDU Lessons and Resources by Wesley Fryer
  8. MinecraftEDU Redstone Engineering Challenge
  9. Post by Alexander Fryer discussed as an example of student “interactive writing”
  10. Interactive Writing resources on
  11. Narrated Art/Photo resources on
  12. Quick Edit Video resources on
  13. Simulation and Game resources on
  14. iPad Media Camp
  15. 2nd grade report card of Tom Fryer

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My Dad’s 2nd grade report card by Wesley Fryer, on Flickr
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