This podcast from the road by Wesley Fryer focuses primarily on ideas about encouraging “early majority” teachers (using Everett Rogers’  Technology Adoption Curve terminology) to digitally share ideas, lessons, and student work. This includes planning for the November 2016 Digital Sharing Conference, to be held in Oklahoma City and hosted by Casady School. Reflections on conversations with Ben Wilkoff yesterday in Denver, Colorado, about digital sharing by teachers are also included. This podcast was entirely produced on an iPhone using the iRig Recorder, Dropbox, and Bossjock iOS apps. Check the podcast shownotes for extensive links to referenced apps, videos, and other resources in this episode.


  1. Podcast429: Creating to Learn – Videoconference Keynote to Bangalore, India
  2. Too Overwhelmed & Guilty to Blog Much (Sept 14, 2015)
  3. [VIDEO] Using Google Classroom & Student Smartphone Videos in Orchestra Class (81 sec)
  4. Google Classroom
  5. Opinion Podcast app for iOS (free)
  6. Room 108 in Oklahoma City Podcasts
  7. audioBoom for Education
  8. Bossjock Studio for iOS ($10)
  9. Spreaker Radio & Podcast for iOS (free)
  10. Voice Record Pro for iOS (free)
  11. iTalk Recorder for iOS (free)
  12. Radio Show page of
  13. Digital Sharing Conference (@digishare – coming to Oklahoma City in November 2016)
  14. Mobile Learning Experience (@mobile2015)
  15. Learning in Hand by Tony Vincent (@tonyvincent)
  16. Arizona K12 Center (@azk12)
  17. Radio WillowWeb – Willowdale Elementary in Omaha, Nebraska
  18. Felix Jacomino (@felixjacomino)
  19. Miami Device Conference: Nov 12-13, 2015 (@miamidevice)
  20. [VIDEO] Keynote Closing by Felix Jacomino: Frozen Remix – Do You Want to Be Connected? (44 sec)
  21. Technology Adoption Cycle (Rogers Bell Curve: Innovation Adoption Lifecycle)
  22. [VIDEO] K12 Online Conference Preview on Classroom 2.0 Live (56:21)
  23. K12 Online Conference
  24. EdTech Heroes: Tony Vincent @tonyvincent – Felix Jacomino @felixjacomino – Ben Wilkoff @bhwilkoff – Cheryl Oakes @cheryloakes50 – Alice Barr @alicebarr – Bob Sprankle @bobsprankle
  25. 6 Second Stories for Learning by Ben Wilkoff (2014 K12 Online Conference)
  26. Classroom Homebase website of Shelly Fryer:
  27. Classroom Homebase website of Wesley Fryer:
  28. EdCampOKC:
  29. EdCamps in Oklahoma:
  30. PLAYDATE PD events in Oklahoma City
  31. Archived #OklaEd Chats
  32. Oklahoma Educational Technology Innovators: Vanessa Perez @vperezy – Jennifer Reyher @jenniferreyher – Tammy Parks @tparks – Anne Beck @MrsBeck25
  33. Please rate and leave a comment on iTunes for Speed of Creativity podcasts!
  34. Storychasers
  35. Waldseemüller Map
  36. The Fourth Part of the World: An Astonishing Epic of Global Discovery, Imperial Ambition, and the Birth of America by Toby Lester

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