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10 Free Things I Am Thankful For x2

John Spencer (@spencerideas) threw down a digital Thanksgiving glove: What are ten FREE things you are thankful for?

Here are my initial ten thoughts, with the first one contributed by my wife, Shelly:

  1. Seesaw is a great free platform for sharing classroom media and learning with students, parents and student mentors.
  2. Tweet Nest is a great free PHP program for creating a searchable archive of tweets, which can function as a “information trap.” (Mine is installed at
  3. EdCamps are wonderful, free opportunities for educators to share ideas and collaborate.
  4. Flipboard is a powerful and free digital magazine, which converts Twitter lists into a visually browsable, media-rich newspaper.
  5. Flickr is a flexible and free platform for finding and sharing digital photos.
  6. Opinion is a terrific, free iOS app for creating, editing and sharing digital radio shows (podcasts) on the go. (Shelly has a great classroom podcast powered with Opinion!)
  7. YouTube is a free, device agnostic platform for sharing an unlimited quantity of high definition videos with a global audience.
  8. The YouVersion Bible is a free mobile app including lots of a bible translations in many languages.
  9. WordPress is a free, open source website content management and digital publishing platform which powers over 30 different websites I maintain.
  10. YouTube Capture is a free iOS app which significantly streamlines the workflow of editing and publishing video collages to YouTube.

10 non-digital things I am thankful for:

  1. Love of our family
  2. Friends
  3. Jesus Christ
  4. My new job
  5. Telecommunications technologies which let us stay in touch better than ever
  6. Audiobooks (ok that is actually digital…)
  7. Smiles
  8. Prayer
  9. Our church family
  10. My wife

Now it’s YOUR turn!

Thanksgiving 2015 by Wesley Fryer, on Flickr
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    Love your list, BOTH!!