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Remembering Bob Sprankle on EdTechTalk

This evening of group of educators gathered together on a Google Hangout hosted by Paul Allison of EdTechTalk and remembered Bob Sprankle. Bob died last week on December 8, 2015, and is dearly missed by many friends and fellow educators around our earth. Panelists included Alice Barr, Cheryl Oakes, Dave Cormier, Jeff LebowJennifer Maddrell, Tanya Avrith, Paul Allison, and Wesley Fryer. In addition to sharing memories and things we learned from Bob, we also discussed the digital legacy project on Anyone who knew Bob or was influenced by his work is invited to contribute to celebrate his life, amplify his impact and preserve his legacy. The archived Google Hangout video is available to watch. More information about the event and links are available on the original post on

EdTechTalk uses an embedded Titanpad as a backchannel for people viewing as well as participating in the Google Hangouts, and the backchannel for this discussion has been preserved as a Google Doc. Many thanks to everyone who connected live and participated in this meaningful and important online event.

In the spirit of “The Seedlings” podcast which Bob created for years with Alice and Cheryl, panelists shared “Geek of the Week” links and resources at the end of the hangout.

A Storify archive of the #BobTaughtMe tweets before, during, and immediately after tonight’s Google Hangout is also available.

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