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Advice for Teachers Starting with Classroom Blogging

Today was the first day of EdCampVoxer, and I’ve loved the conversations in several of the rooms including “Making as Learning,” “Let’s explore blogging- writing and reading for professional growth!,” and “Green Screen Videos.” This morning and afternoon, I collected many of the shared links from the Green Screen discussion and organized them in a Google Doc available from EdCampVoxer goes through December 30th, so it’s going to be pretty amazing to see where these conversations and crowd-sourced documents go and grow in the week ahead. I’m guessing things will slow down for Christmas Eve and Christmas, but what a great way to experience high quality professional development and engage in some fantastic conversations from the comfort of home! If you’re not already participating in EdCampVoxer, it’s not too late to join. See my post from yesterday with more details about getting signed up and joining rooms.

Shelly Fryer during EdCampVoxer over Chr by Wesley Fryer, on Flickr
“Shelly Fryer during EdCampVoxer over Christmas Break” (CC BY 2.0) by  Wesley Fryer 

During the course of our conversations today in “Let’s explore blogging- writing and reading for professional growth!,” I reached out to Linda Yollis (@lindayollis) for advice to share with teachers who are just getting started with classroom blogging. Linda created the fantastic video “How to Write a Quality Comment” with her class (@YollisClass) about five years ago, and it’s definitely one of my favorite videos to share with teachers in iPad Media Camp when we dive into “interactive writing” on day 3.

In response to my question today, Linda shared a link to her wonderful wiki on educational blogging: Here are the additional tweets she shared with great resource suggestions, which I highly commend to anyone starting or continuing to work with students blogging in the classroom!

I also recommend a post I wrote in August 2015 and shared on “Tips for Choosing a Classroom Blog.” I’ll be adding links to all these resources on the “Interactive Writing” page of

Interactive Writing by Wesley Fryer, on Flickr
“Interactive Writing” (CC BY 2.0) by  Wesley Fryer