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STEM and Coding in Yukon Public Schools Featured on Oklahoma Horizon TV

Many thanks to Oklahoma educator Amy Jo Garner (@amyjogarner) for letting me know today via Twitter that Oklahoma Horizon TV has a featured segment from my 2015 STEM classroom at Independence Elementary School in Yukon Public Schools in their episode this week.

The segment featuring my STEM students runs about 6 minutes, and also includes footage and information from the “Mapping Media to the Curriculum” (Now “Show with Media”) videoconference-based graduate course I taught through the University of Montana in Spring 2015.

Oklahoma Horizon:

is a nationally televised weekly program that explores economic and social trends. Host Rob McClendon and a team of multi-platform journalists cover stories across Oklahoma, the nation and the world showcasing people, organizations, schools and businesses that contribute to our country’s economic success and quality of life.

The 30-minute weekly program is produced by the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education in partnership with the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. Oklahoma Horizon is broadcast on a network of stations reaching 150 million homes. The show debuts at 3 p.m. Sunday on OETA. Oklahoma Horizon also airs on local cable stations, nationally on RFD-TV and in Europe on the Global Broadcasting Network.

The full segment also includes an interview with Tom Vander Ark, a favorite presenter and “educational policy reformer” of former Oklahoma State Superintendent Janet Barresi. Tom was the keynote speaker for Barresi’s 2011 state education conference. I shared my notes from his keynote on my blog. It’s interesting he was chosen to also speak in this Oklahoma Horizons segment. I agree with several of the things he discussed, but overall do NOT align with his advocacy for charter schools and public school privatization. He mentions BYOD policies changing in schools. I’d be interested to see statistics on how many Oklahoma high schools currently have BYOD policies.

Many thanks to Oklahoma Horizon for including me and my former Yukon STEM students in this September 2016 episode!

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Scratch Scripts to move in a circle” (CC BY 2.0) by  Wesley Fryer 



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