This 20 minute podcast features reflections by Sarah Fryer, Rachel Fryer, and Wesley Fryer after watching a screening of the film, “Screenagers: Growing up in the digital age.” This 70 minute movie was shown on September 21, 2016, to an audience of parents, students, and educators at Christ the King School in Oklahoma City. The film raises important issues relating to healthy living, Internet safety, identity, and digital citizenship. It highlights the importance of parents setting boundaries for screen use and access with kids, and the importance of being intentional with our choices when it comes to smartphones and other screens. In this podcast recorded after watching Screenagers together, Sarah, Rachel and Wes offer their takeaways from the film and some of the highlights which stood out as important and valid points. Check the podcast shownotes for links to the Screenagers website and other digital citizenship resources. Follow the film on Twitter @ScreenagerMovie. Many thanks to Christ the King School in Oklahoma City for hosting this event and promoting good conversations about these issues among parents, kids and teachers!


  1. Screenagers Movie – Growing up in the digital age (official website)
  2. Official Trailer: Screenagers Movie
  3. Video interview with Dr. Delaney Ruston, director of “Screenagers: Growing Up in the Digital Age” (5 min, 7 sec)
  4. Screenagers on Twitter: @ScreenagerMovie
  5. Screenagers on Facebook
  6. Information about hosting a screening of Screenagers
  7. Book: “Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age” by Sherry Turkle (@sturkle)
  8. Screenagers Resources: Sleep and Screens
  9. Screenagers Resources: Screentime Contracts
  10. Screenagers Resources: Digital Citizenship
  11. Screenagers Resources: Anti-Bullying Campaigns
  12. Screenagers Resources: Internet Addiction
  13. Screenagers Resources: Parenting Apps
  14. Screenagers Resources: Pro-Social Video Games
  15. Screenagers Blog
  16. Learning about Digital Citizenship with Carl Hooker (March 2016)
  17. Raised by Siri: A course in Digital Parenting by Carl Hooker (November 2015)
  18. Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Resources
  19. The EdTech Situation Room (@edtechsr)
  20. This episode was recorded on an iPhone using the Ferrite Recording Studio app. Background road noise was removed using audio post-production.

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