This podcast features an almost-complete recording of Dr. Wesley Fryer’s keynote, “Inspiring Creativity and Curiosity with Media,” on November 18, 2017, in Cairo, Egypt at the second annual EduForum Conference. The keynote description was: “As automation and the disruptive march of technology continues into virtually every aspect of our lives, it is vital we cultivate both creativity and curiosity in our students. Many jobs and vocations of the future will require teamwork, collaboration, project management, and independent work skills historically lacking in traditional academic classes focusing on isolated, individual performance. In this engaging and challenging session, Dr. Wesley Fryer will present the case for why learners today need to be CREATORS as well as consumers of multimedia, and collaborate regularly in school to acquire the workforce skills of today and tomorrow. By highlighting practical examples as well as available apps and web tools, Dr. Fryer will provide attendees with specific strategies and lesson activities they can apply in their classrooms to more effectively utilize multimedia and encourage students to create multimedia which supports learning goals.” Please share feedback on the ideas in this podcast with a comment on this podcast on, or by reaching out to Wes on Twitter @wfryer. Also be sure to subscribe to The EdTech Situation Room on and follow on Twitter @edtechSR for updates.


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All past “Moving at the Speed of Creativity” podcast episodes are archived, dating back to August 2005.

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