This podcast features three different recordings from the 2018 Ohio Educational Technology Conference, which was held in Columbus, Ohio, February 12-14, 2018. The first is an interview with high school students who have learned how to create interactive games using Scratch software. They also have created DIY game controllers using the MakeyMakey and supplies like tin foil, cardboard, alligator clips, play dough, and bananas. The second interview is with high school senior Arthur Bodenschatz, who is part of the broadcast journalism team in North Canton City Schools, Ohio. Arthur and his classmates use an amazing “mobile storyteller” converted RV to conduct professional quality interviews at events like the Ohio educational technology conference. The third interview is Arthur’s interview of me at OETC, in which he asked me about my reasons for becoming a teacher and technology director, the pace of technological change in our society, and a few other topics. Two of these three recordings are also available as videos on YouTube and Vimeo, which are linked in the podcast shownotes. In addition to these three recordings, a few reflections on some additional highlights of OETC 2018 are included. These focus on Eric Curts’ (@ericcurts) 3 hour workshop “Write Right with Google Tools: Improving Writing in all Subjects,” Todd Beard’s (@teacherbeard) session on Minecraft for Education, and Apple Education’s workshop on updates to iOS 11. Please refer to the podcast shownotes for links to referenced resources, as well as a raft of Wes’ tweets from OETC 2018 sharing additional tips and links from sessions. (Since Storify is going offline and doesn’t support the creation of new Twitter archives, this blog post will hopefully serve that function to archive these learning takeaways.


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  4. Eric Curts on Twitter: @ericcurts
  5. Generate random student writing prompts with emojis!” (using a Google Sheet and script) by @ericcurts
  6. Google Drawings for Graphic Organizers by @ericcurts
  7. Rhyme Finder Google Add-On via @ericcurts
  8. Read & Write for Google Chrome (extension and free/paid service)
  9. Language Tool Add-on for Google Chrome via @ericcurts
  10. Highlight The Music – Google Docs add-on via @ericcurts
  11. Writeful (Thesaurus Google Extension) via @ericcurts
  12. Addressing student cheating in Google Apps by @ericcurts
  13. Hour webinar by @ericcurts“Fantastic Feedback Tools for Google Docs”
  14. Sample comment banks for writing feedback by via
  15. Recommended touch-screen enabled Chrome laptop: Acer Chromebook Spin 11 via @ericcurts
  16. Playback a Google Doc’s revision history with the free extension “Draftback” via @ericcurts
  17. Create basic/simple student writing / project rubrics with WriQ Google Add-On via @ericcurts
  18. Create more customized writing project rubrics “Orange Slice Teacher Rubric Add-on for Docs” via @ericcurts
  19. Todd Beard on Twitter: @teacherbeard
  20. Video: OETC 2018: The Casady School- Dr Wesley Fryer
  21. Video: The Mobile Storyteller of North Canton City Schools, Ohio


All past “Moving at the Speed of Creativity” podcast episodes are archived, dating back to August 2005.

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