Yesterday I was able to have a lunch date with one of our kids, and on the drive to and from the restaurant we listened to this extremely important but also distressing podcast. This is from the podcast channel “Reply All,” and the episode is called titled “The Prophet.” So much here is so important for us all to understand, but especially young people as they share information online, meet strangers through dating apps, and live in our digitally connected times which can both be wonderful but also extremely perilous.

As a parent and a teacher, I recommend you listen to this 38 minute podcast first by yourself. Then consider if the age and developmental situation of your child is OK to listen to this together and discuss it. I recommend this only for high school and above. Topics addressed include sexual assault, Internet stalking, the damage wrought by Internet trolls, the potential consequences / perils of speaking out to stop injustice, and more…

Thanks to my friend and colleague Brian Turnbaugh (@wegotwits) for sharing this with me in July 2019.

If you do this, please let me know and how it goes. These kinds of conversations are vital.

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