This evening I participated in a wonderful (monthly) webinar hosted by “Teachers for an Informed Public” (@TIPteachers) over Zoom. As participants we shared some experiences we’ve had with ChatGPT as teachers, and it got me thinking about the value of just sharing “here are some of the lessons I’m teaching and facilitating now in my classroom.” This semester I’m teaching four sections and three courses in our middle school, and two of my sections are Computer Applications / Media Literacy. My other courses are Robotics and Intro to Engineering.

Here’s an 11 minute video screencast I recorded (using Screencastify) to highlight some of these lessons. Here’s a OneTab created webpage of 11 of the 12 links I shared, which I will also include at the bottom of this post. Please let me know if you have questions about anything I discussed or shared in this video!

Links shared in the video:

  1.  Lessons by Dr. Wesley Fryer @wfryer
  2.  2023-04-03: Robotics, Media Literacy & Engineering by – Google Slides
  3.  Wonder Links (from my shared lessons website)
  4.  The swagged-out pope is an AI fake — and an early glimpse of a new reality – The Verge
  5. ChatGPT Interviews (from my shared lessons website)
  6.  Transcending Political Polarization (blog post written with ChatGPT)
  7.  Conspiracy Theories (from my shared lessons website)
  8.  Dr. Fryer’s Sample Portfolio – GeoMap
  9.  Launchpad WikiPedia (from my shared lessons website)
  10.  Sketchnotes. – MidJourney and Generative AI (CA 2-8) – Google Slides
  11.  Introducing InfoPics (from my shared lessons website)

I shared a presentation at the March 2023 meeting of TIP Teachers entitled, “How To Teach About Conspiracy Theories without Getting Fired.” That recorded video is available on YouTube, and my slides are available via Google.

Media Literacy Lessons (April 2023)” (CC BY 2.0) by Wesley Fryer

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