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Wesley Fryer

The following tweets were from participants in a full-day iPad workshop I led at Kansas State University on January 15, 2015.




Some technical stuff about my blog: (updated 3/22/2014)

My blog (this website) is powered by an updated version of the free WordPress blogging engine and a custom theme developed with the Pagelines framework by an Oklahoma City high school student and web/graphic designer, Jackson Fall. In 2010 I used a (slightly) modified version of the Lightword theme. In July 2007 I updated my blog theme to use the free Blue Wonder theme, I had previously used a slightly modified version of the “famous Kubrick” theme.  The drop-down menus at the top are a feature of my theme, each is a WordPress “page” rather than post and they are organized under “parent” categories within WordPress.

I am no longer using the sds_Talkr_Plugin (it appears to be no longer working for some reason) or the WordPress Database Backup. In the past I used my blog host’s pHpMyAdmin to download mySQL backups. I now create redundant WordPress backups using a service from my web host (Site5) and the BackupBuddy plugin from iThemes, saved to a 3rd party site.

A few years ago I started using the free version of Disqus for commenting and to reduce spam. I’ve also used Spam Karma 2 but currently I’m not using it. I had some problems with PodPress in fall 2007 I couldn’t resolve which messed up my Podcast RSS feed, and I eventually switched to using FeedForAll to create that podcast feed. I continue to use Feedburner and in the past provided 4 different feeds related to my blog: My primary feed for all posts, my podcast feed / channel, my blog comments, and a feed for educational technology related posts only. This latter feed was still available through March 22, 2014, but I am  deprecated it by removing it from my blog sidebar several years ago. I installed a Feedburner plugin in March 2014 which (I think) broke links from that final channel. Several years ago I stopped using the feed from my “podcasts” blog category and started using the software program FeedForAll Mac to create my podcast RSS feed.

I love the “widgets” feature of the latest WordPress and have used different text widgets in my sidebar(s) for additional content. I have cut down on the number of external content links included here to improve loading speed for my blog pages, because I realize these are cumbersome for those viewing my blog on slower Internet connections. In the past I used embedded content for the following free services, as of March 2014 these have all been changed (Google Reader, of course, is now offline):

  1. my technorati blog widget
  2. feedburner generated chicklets and feed subscription links
  3. email subscription services from FeedBlitz
  4. live traffic feeds via FEEDJIT
  5. my Google Reader shared items

I no longer use:

  1. my del.icio.us network badge
  2. A customized ShowYourself widget
  3. my upcoming presentations and workshops (next 30 days) shared with RSS Calendar
  4. my recent publicly shared pictures in a Flickr badge
  5. 2 world clocks via clocklink.com

My blog footer includes two important elements:

  1. my Creative Commons license
  2. my ClustrMap showing blog visitor statistics and locations (I pay the annual fee for more detailed stats.)

I provide additional attribution guidance for my blog in a static WordPress page linked at both the top and bottom of every page.

Inspired by a blogger whose thoughts, work and writing style I admire, Dr. Lawrence Lessig, I periodically invite “guest bloggers” to take up the author’s chair here on “Moving at the Speed of Creativity” when I am offline. Please note I do NOT accept unsolicited requests to guest blog. Guest blog posts are all archived within the category “guest blogger.”

If you want to contact me directly, my contact information is available on my personal website.

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