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I’ve setup “Media Literacy with Wes” as a new, weekly newsletter I’m starting in December 2020 on SubStack. I’ve had a mixed record with newsletters on Mailchimp and other platforms. I’m optimistic about this new platform and season” for my writing and sharing. I hope you’ll join me!

This is an older but still-functioning method of staying up to date on my posts:

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12 responses to “Media Literacy with Wes (My Newsletter)”

  1. Cathleen Richardson Avatar

    I have am an ADE class of 2007 and I have admired you for quite some time. Lucy Gray tagged me for a small blog project and now I am tagging you because I truly want to know more about you…check it out at


  2. David Gibson Avatar

    Some promotion here, but it’s for the sake of 21st C students. Please take a look at The Global Challenge Award and recommend that high school students take a look and consider “doing it.”

  3. Matt Selbie Avatar
    Matt Selbie

    You have a great site but a very unusable CAPTCHA. It took me three attempts to get it right. There are alternatives that are better. We have a FREE technology we’ve created that solves the usability issues that burden users of conventional text based CAPTCHA, but still effectively stops spam – this means you build better sites. Vidoop now has an IMAGE BASED CAPTCHA solution.
    The main benefit of VidoopCAPTCHA is its ease of use relative to the distorted letters of traditional text based CAPTCHA solutions. This means a big improvement in the 1 in 5 failed CAPTCHA attempts that currently exists, more involvement by users, less frustration and defection. Remember it’s also completely FREE to use on your sites. Have a look at and try it for yourself. Thanks for the great site.

  4. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    Matt: I know the captcha may not be idea, but it is part of the reCaptcha project which is helping with the digitization of books– so every time someone fills out a captcha they are helping bring more books to the web. That is why I support reCaptcha and use it.


    I last wrote to you when I was doing my final in gradaute school and very tired. I have researched this issue for seventeen years, and wtote a paper on it at the Univerissity of San Diego
    I am in gradaute school now, and I am planning to write my Masters Project on this issue.

    I am really sorry I am 71 in relatively good health, but graduate school at my age is tiring, and I am sure I must have come off flaky. I have written a brief summary, which I am using to contact different organizations. I would be glad to send it as it is very short.

    Ross Perot has become a real hero in my life, he has wonderful insights. I have interviewed three POW pilots, and one of my best friend’s father said that the primary problem was that Kissinger did not negoioate for the Laotian Prisoners.

    I woud be be very grateful for your feedback, and I have enjoyed all your work.
    You have really done this issue justice.

    Sincerely and thankfully,

    Kathy Prewitt

  6. Mark Heil Avatar

    I’m a young tech teacher/coordinator in Seoul while working on my dissertation. Was really impressed with your blog and your dissertation about podcasts. Right now I am in stage where I need to choose a dissertation topic. I remember reading one of your posts saying you had a list of technology/education related topics. Do you mind sharing and helping to inspire me?
    Thanks for the consideration,

  7. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    HI Mark…. I write about “technology/education related topics” all the time, so without some additional specificity I’m not sure what list you’re asking for.

    My articles about tech integration are linked from my vitae:

    I also have past TechEdge articles since 1997 online on “Tools for the TEKS:”

    All my preso and workshop materials are on my wiki:

    Any of those links what you have in mind / are looking for? Let me know with more detail the sort of list you remember me referencing and I’ll try to share the link here for you. Good luck with your research!

  8. Lisa Snitker Avatar
    Lisa Snitker

    I am a student at the University of Iowa. I am doing a research project on VoiceThread. Could you please give me a statement on what you feel is the educational benefit of using VoiceThread with students in collaboration with the teacher librarian and classroom teachers.

  9. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    The ISTE NETS for teachers and students require collaboration, and VoiceThread provides a moderated, multimedia collaboration environment for students which can be used to meet those standards.

  10. jose courel Avatar
    jose courel

    Thank you for sharing this useful information. I was google’ing around but I was not able to find what I was looking for. I’m looking for a microphone that can be used to record my students readings. I would like a wireless one which I can connect directly to my computer.

    Thank you!

  11. Rebert L. Blackburn Avatar
    Rebert L. Blackburn

    The computer mind can’t be programmed until the AI experts are willing to seriously consider a “survival” program directing the whole thing. See: “Computer Program of Human Mind” at

  12. Lori Hollar Swim Avatar

    I just made this Glog about your keynote presentation for MACE. I hope you will like it and it was great to meet you! Good job with bringing positive purposes for technology to everyone’s attention. We need voices like you to bring reason and not just fear to this ongoing dialog.

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