A list of my recent and upcoming workshop curriculum and presentation links/references are available on wiki.wesfryer.com. In addition, the following pages are available on this site. Hold your mouse cursor over the “Resources” link at the top of the page to see a drop-down list with additional options.

  1. Essential Media for Educators
  2. My primary audio podcast channel (Moving at the Speed of Creativity) – also on iTunes
  3. Fuel for Educational Change Agents (my secondary audio podcast channel)
  4. Email Updates
  5. Balanced Content Filtering in Schools
  6. Unmasking the Digital Truth Project (addressing E-Rate, CIPA, and other legal content filtering issues in schools)
  7. Education Blogs I Read
  8. Videos for Professional Development (PD)
  9. Podcasting Help (a little dated but still potentially helpful)
  10. Garageband Help (a little dated but still potentially helpful)
  11. Free Audio Resources (for podcasting and other multimedia projects)
  12. KML file help (Google Earth files)
  13. Linux help (a little dated but still potentially helpful)

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