The following is a list (updated on 19 April 2014) of blogs to which I’m subscribed using Feedly. Many of these are educationally related blogs, but not all of them. I have eclectic interests. I have these (mostly) categorized in Feedly, but unfortunately the Feedly OMPL export function does not include categories. I converted my Feedly OMPL file to HTML and pasted the results below using this OPML to HTML via Javascript tool which I found via LifeHacker. Previously when I used Google Reader (sadly discontinued by Google) I was able to share just my educational blog subscriptions. After moving from Google Reader to Feedly I setup a IFTTT recipe which auto-subscribes me (in Feedly) to blog feeds for posts I share on my Facebook page. I apologize these are not better organized, but hopefully they will be helpful to someone. You can also download these as an OPML file which, depending on the RSS reader you use, you may be able to directly import or “selectively directly import.”

Articles/links I share on social media (as “iReading” links) are aggregated and shared to and in the FREE FlipBoard magazine, “iReading.”

Disclaimer: The listing of a blog/website feed/source here does NOT necessarily equate to an endorsement of all included content by me, or mean that I agree with everything that author/those authors write and share.

Wesley’s subscriptions from the Feedly Cloud (4/19/2014)

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