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Update August 2011: I’m now updating the “Audio” page on with audio-related resources.

Creative Commons licenses allow media creators to permit different legal uses of their work under specific conditions. View the “Get Creative” movie on the Learn More page of Creative Commons for detailed background about how this works, when creators choose to “skip the intermediaries.” Use the following search resources to locate audio music files you can legally include in your podcasts:

  1. Creative Commons Audio
  2. Yahoo Creative Commons Search
  3. FreePlayMusic
  4. Internet Archive’s Open Source Audio
  5. OpSound: Open Sound Resource Pool
  6. CCMixter: Songs licensed for remixing
  7. The Free Sound Project
  8. Magnatune: Permits use of audio files in podcasts with attribution
  9. Penmachine Podcast: Free MP3 Instrumental Songs
  10. Acid Planet’s free 8 packs of loops (They share a new 8 pack to download for free every week.)
  11. Hall Davidson’s sound resources shared as a Word document and linked from his Kit Building page.

 Use CC Publisher to upload and share completed podcasts with a Creative Commons license, using Internet Archive servers, supported by the Open Content Alliance. The following are short audio clips, available under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License , which you can include in your own podcasts!

  1. great.wav by Alexander Fryer
  2. nice.wav by Alexander Fryer
  3. latinlead.wav by Wesley Fryer
  4. Footfalls_Toward_Home.mp3 by Wesley Fryer

If you use any of these audio files in your podcast, please remember to give credit to the author / composer! (That is what the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License requires.) Also, please drop me a line, especially if you use one of Alexander’s songs!

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6 responses to “Free Audio”

  1. ebjxuafxsp Avatar

    Thanks for this site!

  2. Free Loops Dude Avatar

    Dude thank you so much. I got this as a favorite now. This is a great resource link page. I love free loops of course everyone loves anything they don’t have to pay for right. lol

  3. Chris E Avatar
    Chris E


    This is a great list of audio resources. Thanks, I just link to this page.

    Have you checked out It looks pretty good.

    Chris E

  4. Laura Avatar

    I highly recommend the FreePats Project ( ) for anyone interesting in creating music. They have instrument sounds and soundfonts that can be used with Open Source programs like Timidity++ and abc2midi. They also need volunteers to help them add to their collection of high quality instrument sound samples.

  5. MCooper474 Avatar

    hey, I’ve heard of gabcast, but is it free?

  6. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    Gabcast isn’t free anymore. I recommend and for phonecasting. More resources are on:

    I will update this list!

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