Five different issues can be considered educational banners worth waving, torches worth carrying into the darkness, and issues worth fighting for in 2006 and beyond in the contexts of teaching and learning as well as educational technology. In this podcast I discuss and explore these issues, and also highlight John Dewey’s definition of experience from “Art as Experience” as it may relate to personal and professional resolutions we can make for 2006.

Program Length: 24 min, 57 sec
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Podcast 31 Dec 2005(Click here to listen to this podcast)

Show notes for this podcast include:

  1. Educational Banner Evangelism (my original blog post prompting this podcast)
  2. Digital Curriculum and The Last Mile: Providing Curricular Flexibility and Limitless Bandwidth
  3. EdTech Impact, COSN & Disruptive Technologies
  4. TechTonic: Towards a New Literacy of Technology (PDF) by the Alliance for Childhood
  5. The Web Standards Project
  6. World Wide Web Consortium (web standards organization)
  7. Podcast24: CCC Digital Immigrants (An Open Invitation)
  8. Lawrence Lessig’s “Free Culture” presentation
  9. Creative Commons
  10. The Electronic Frontier Foundation
  11. Advocating for educational deregulation! (blog post)
  12. “John Dewey and the Art of Teaching: Toward Reflective and Imaginative Practice” by Douglas J. Simpson, Michael J. B. Jackson, Judy C. Aycock
  13. Podcast of Dr. Simpson discussing “John Dewey and the Art of Teaching”
  14. “Art as Experience” by John Dewey

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One Response to Podcast28: Educational Banners and Resolutions for 2006

  1. […] But, as Wesley Fryer recently explained, those discontented with the wave of stagnation that holds us back, need battle banners. We need an alternative that we can talk about — loudly. We need bullet points. We need speaking points, that we can hammer. Redefining Literacy for the 21st Century was written to counter the three bullets of literacy, the three Rs. In the book, I describe the four Es of literacy (tried to keep it to three). […]

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