I have run into a rather frustrating situation with the last 2 podcasts I created with Garageband3. Previously I had used Audacity to create all my podcasts and never ran into this problem.

I do like Garageband3 for podcasting, but this situation needs to change: After I am finished editing a podcast, I choose SHARE – SEND SONG TO iTUNES in Garageband. That takes awhile, but after the compressing is finished my song is available in my iTunes library as a m4a file. I get information about the file and make any needed changes to meta tags (author, podcast title, genre, etc.) For maximum file compatibility, however, I want to publish my podcast as a mp3 file. So, after selecting it in iTunes I choose ADVANCED – CONVERT SELECTION TO MP3. (I have previously set the import settings to 32 kbps.) I then drag the converted file out of iTunes to a folder on my computer. At that point everything is fine, the podcast mp3 file plays in preview mode and also will open in QuickTime player and play there.

The problem only happens after I use the free CC Publisher application to upload the file to the Internet Archive for free web hosting. Previously, when I had created a mp3 podcast with Audacity and added meta tags before compressing it, CC Publisher automatically recognized those tags during its upload process. Not so with the mp3 file from Garageband/iTunes. Something funky is going on.

I have to retype all the title, description, author and other info, select my Creative Commons license, and then upload the file. After it is finished, the problem is it won’t play from the direct mp3 weblink! And the original file on my hard drive that I uploaded somehow gets corrupted in this process, because it no longer plays in preview mode or in QuickTime player.

This has now happened with my last 2 podcasts (including the one I am about to publish.) For now, unless a new version of CC Publisher is released that fixes this problem, I think I’ll do a direct upload to the Internet Archive using my browser instead of this “corrupting” CC Publisher application.

I did use CC Publisher many times without any problems, when I was using Audacity, but not so with my new Garageband/iTunes software tools. Something must be going on with the way these tools are metatagging the podcast file itself. Very frustrating.

Good news is that I have been able to ftp into the Internet Archive after uploading a non-playable mp3 podcast file, and replace it with a newly exported version right from iTunes that hasn’t been “corrupted” by CC Publisher. I remain thrilled that the Internet Archive is providing free hosting services, and that Creative Commons licenses are available for free. These technical problems are real irritants, however, so I think I’ll be giving up on CC Publisher for now unless something changes.

If anyone else has any insights into this problem I would love to hear them.

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2 Responses to CC Publisher corrupting mp3 podcasts?

  1. ColdPack says:

    Audacity 1.3 (beta) has an ftp upload capability within the application.
    While you still have to export the aiff file you recorded then reopen the newly created mp3 version, you can then upload that file via ftp right from Audacity.

    Not sure if this is a helpful solution but… I figured it’s worth messin’ with to see if it is of any use to ya.


  2. […] Okay, so the sound quality is still wack and i can’t blaim it all on blogger.  I am now going to point my finger at both ccPublisher and Archive.org.  Moving at the Speed of Creativity has expressed similar concerns about cc’s corrupting sound quality…  Not sure what i’m can do… any suggestions?? […]

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