This podcast is a skype recording from yesterday’s presentation (on November 10) at the 2006 Hawaii Library Association titled, “Creativity and Updating Mindware: Hardware and software are not holding us back!” During the session Jen Wagner (from southern California) and Graham Wegner (from Adelaide, South Australia) skyped in to share their ideas about teaching beyond the textbook in the classroom of the 21st Century. They also discussed how they are continuing to learn from other educators about web 2.0 technologies and teaching methods, and their perceptions of the recent K-12 Online Conference.

Show notes for this podcast include:

  1. “Thoughts from a Technospud” – Jen Wagner’s blog
  2. “Teaching Generation Z” – Graham Wegner’s blog
  3. Cheryl Oakes’s blog
  4. Skypecast discussion with Cheryl Oakes about from May 2006
  5. My wiki curriculum for this session

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2 Responses to Podcast99: Teaching Beyond the Textbook

  1. Marlon Mendes says:

    Hi Mr.Wesley Fryer from,
    I was surfing on the internet searching for “free ewhiteboard” then I ended up at that seems to be of yours, but honestly I’m kinda useless dealing with all those comands… so I’ll ask you for your support, if that’s ok for you.
    Let me present myself: I’m Marlon, from Brazil (south of), I teach ESL for Brazilians privately and for small groups and I’d like to have a tool where I could teach using the internet as a complement, I’m sure my students will find this very very cool.
    While I’m typing here I’m also listening to this Podcast99: Teaching Beyond the Textbook.
    I may have misunderstood, but did you develop a free-tool where I can use as a ewhiteboard? how do I install it? how does it work?
    I apologize if I misunderstood but I’ll mark your site on my favorites ‘cos it seems I’ll hear many good and interesting talk over here.
    Tks and all the best.
    Marlon 14.11.06

  2. Wesley Fryer says:

    Marlon: Try this link instead of the one you included in the above comment:

    I have not developed any ewhiteboard tools myself but have been helping teachers learn how to use a variety of tools (included on the above website) that are available. Good luck to you!

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