This podcast is a draft recording for your review of a presentation I’ll share live with others at the Oklahoma Technology Association’s annual conference in Oklahoma City, and at the Texas Computer Education Association’s conference in Austin, Texas next week. My goal for the presentation is to share a vision for one to one learning (laptop immersion) and why a 1:1 environment is needed in education. Additionally, I want to further develop and share ideas about how we need to reinvent schools for the 21st century and create SCHOOL 2.0. If you have comments or feedback on this presentation, I would love to hear from you. I ran about 15 minutes too long in this trial run, so I will need to cut slides and content from the final version. Check out the podcast shownotes for a link to a public Google Notebook page which includes references to all images and cited sources in this podcast. I love Google Notebook! A link to an enhanced version of this podcast is also available in the shownotes!

Show notes for this podcast include:

  1. My Presentation links and image attribution links (shared via a public Google Notebook)
  2. An enhanced version of this podcast (with synchronized PowerPoint slides) is available, download it from my public iDisk.
  3. I created this enhanced podcast using Profcast (Macintosh-only software)

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3 Responses to Podcast122: The Case for 1:1 and School 2.0 (DRAFT)

  1. Clay says:

    Hi Wes,

    I just posted a timestamped outline/reflection on this podcast on my blog. Hope you don’t mind! It was a very useful way for me to communicate to my admin as they plan to go 1:1, and I’m doing my best to help them.

    It’s here:

    Please let me know if you want me to make any changes. I loved the product–thanks and keep them coming.


  2. […] Moving at theSpeed of Creativity by Wesley Fryer is one of the blogs that I monitor regularly.  He recently posted a draft of a presentation on 1:1 and School 2.0.  Being in the middle of a 1:1 project myself I took the time to listen to his podcast.  Everything he discussed is exactly what I am aiming for at my school.  We are a few weeks out before our 6th graders get the laptops and my biggest concern has not been handing thirty 12 year olds a $1600 machine.  Rather staff development, or lack thereof has been my biggest concern. If our 1:1 project is going to resemble anything like what Wes discusses we are going to have to increase staff development dramatically. This is true for my school and all schools.  I find the tech literacy skills our teachers are equipped with and the vision they have for what could be is very lacking.  But it is not their fault.  It is the fault of school leadership (me included) and the lack of resources allocated and reserved to transform schools from 1.0 schools to 2.0 schools.  Take a listen to Wes’ podcast.  It will make you think. […]

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