This afternoon my son and I attempted to see the movie “Ironman 2” at Tinseltown Theater in Oklahoma City, but were interrupted by a severe thunderstorm which dumped large, damaging hail on the area around the theater, including my car.

Oklahoma City hail at Tinseltown

Severe thunderstorm with hail over Oklahoma City

After having to evacuate the theater because of roof damage which led to leaks and falling ceiling tiles, we discovered my car was among about 30 in the parking lot with broken glass.

Rearview glass damaged on my car by hail

Rearview glass damaged on my car by hail

Thankfully the windshield was not completely destroyed, as the rearview glass was. We were able to drive home safely after clearing the broken glass fragments off our front seats.

This heart-shaped hail shot was the most notable.

Large heartshaped hail damage in my car's rearview glass

You can get a better idea of the size of this glass puncture by comparing it to my hand in this image. I’m guessing this was caused by multiple hailstones.

Large heartshaped hail damage in my car's rearview glass

I had my son record a short video of me using my iPhone, which I uploaded with the CNN iPhone app to the iReporter website.

For some reason, however, this the video did not upload and process successfully on CNN’s iReporter website. This is the second time I’ve tried to submit a video iReport with the app, and neither time has worked.

wfryer: My iReports - CNN iReport

Thankfully I don’t think there were any reported tornados in this storm today, as there were last Monday. I think we had 12 tornados Monday in all in Oklahoma.

It’s definitely spring time.

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One Response to Large hail damages car windows and Tinseltown Theater in Oklahoma City today

  1. Vernon Conaway says:

    Thanks for NOT inviting us to the movie Wes!

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