Equipped as a storychaser with my iPad2, a $60 iRig mic, and the help of friends (as well as some bystanders) willing to be short-term videographers, I’ve recorded a series of interviews this week here in Philadelphia for the 2011 International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference.

This sixth episode is an interview with Dr. Leigh Zeitz, or “Dr Z.” Dr. Zeitz is an Associate Professor at the University of Northern Iowa, and is passionate about (among other things) helping K-12 teachers as well as students create compelling digital portfolios. He blogs on drzreflects.com. Digital Portfolios Made Easy and keyboardingresearch.org are also his websites. In this interview, I ask Dr. Z to share about his ISTE 2011 sessions as well as his philosophy for helping K-12 learners develop compelling and useful digital / electronic portfolios.

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4 Responses to Voices of #iste11 – Dr. Leigh Zeitz (Dr Z) on Digital Portfolios

  1. Wes- would love to see your video you posted, but it is marked as “private”. Can you make it public so we can watch it? thanks!

  2. […] Voices of #iste11 – Dr. Leigh Zeitz (Dr Z) on Digital Portfolios (speedofcreativity.org) […]

  3. Ouida McDAniel says:

    I am required by the University of South Alabama to have an ePortfolio that not only the school has access to but the state as well.  I never thought of how that this could be used by middle schools and high schools.  After watching this video I am now aware of the fact that this can be a great asset to students, teachers, and administrators alike.  Thank you for this video.  As a future teacher I am attempting to learn all that I can about ways to incorporate different technologies into my classes.  Hopefully I will find a way to make portfolios a reality in my class.  Thank you so much.

    Ouida McDaniel

  4. Leigh Zeitz (Dr. Z) says:


    Organizing a portfolio can be done in many different ways. I would be happy to discuss any questions that you might have about how you can make this a reality in your middle school classes.  

    Leigh Zeitz (Dr. Z)

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