Want to watch and listen to some amazingly compelling digital stories? Check out the videos on “A History of Digital Storytelling Through Story” from the Center for Digital Storytelling.


The center’s motto is LISTEN DEEPLY. TELL STORIES. Watching only one or two of the videos on their “history” page will convince you of their motto’s veracity. In our fast paced, task-pinging society, we need to listen deeply and tell stories now more than ever.

Have you met someone who has no interest what-so-ever in storytelling, when the stories in question are compelling? I don’t think I have or ever will, barring a physical condition which prohibits listening or comprehension. As human beings we’re hard-wired for stories and storytelling.

Tools like iMovie and PhotoStory are free. What are public school students and teachers around the globe waiting for? Oh that’s right, someone told them the purpose of their existance was to prepare for and take standardized exams.

Too bad they lied. Even sadder, it is too bad the teachers and students believed them.

Some of our primary purposes in life are to listen deeply and tell stories, as we cultivate relationships with others and develop our own skill sets. Isn’t it about time the schools around your neighborhood changed their priorities?

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