Dr. Mike Ribble recently defended his dissertation at the College of Education at Kansas State University on the topic of Digital Citizenship. In this interview with Mike, he defines digital citizenship, discusses its importance in the K-12 curriculum, and outlines digital citizenship resources he has created online and for print publication. Just as the traditional U.S. school curriculum has sought to help students understand both their rights and responsibilities as citizens of a democratic republic, Mike contends students should learn about their digital rights as well as responsibilities in 21st century society. These topics include Digital Safety, but also extend to Digital Etiquette, Communication, Education, Access, Commerce, and Security.

Program Length: 25 min, 04 sec
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Podcast 17 Mar 2006(Click here to listen to this podcast)

Show notes for this podcast include:

  1. Digital Citizenship website @ KSU
  2. Digital Citizenship Audit and Rubric – THE Journal article (PDF)
  3. Digital Citizenship: Addressing Appropriate Technology Behavior – ISTE Learning and Leading article (PDF)
  4. Digital Citizenship: Focus Questions for Implementation – ISTE Learning and Leading article (PDF)
  5. Technology Driver’s License – District Administration magazine (PDF)
  6. Developing Ethical Direction – ISTE Learning and Leading article (PDF)
  7. Teaching Digital Citizenship: When will it become a Priority for 21st Century Schools? – School Business Affairs magazine article (PDF)
  8. Contact Mike Ribble: mribble at ksu dot edu

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