We had an enjoyable and enlightening skypecast this evening with several people, around ten different folks in all, about the culminating event for the upcoming K-12 Online Conference, “When Night Falls.” For details, refer to the event wiki on http://k12online.wikispaces.com.

Here are my notes from the skypecast. We used Vyew as a synchronous interactive whiteboard during the event. I liked the tool, but it is not quite comparable to Windows LiveMeeting or MacroMedia Breeze. Still as a free tool (while it’s still in beta) I think it was phenomenal, and something I’ve been wanting to try during a skypecast for some time. It was fun to have a chance to use the environment “for real.”

I’ll post the recorded audio as a skypecast here shortly, but I will slightly edit it– we had some “audio bleedover” from another skype conversation that I’ll edit out. Here are the notes:

When Night Falls Discussion

Goals for the event
– get feedback on the conference
– get suggestions for next year
– provide opportunities for interactive exchanges
– introduce people to other web 2.0 tools
– document participation required for graduate credit in attending the conference
– help first time skype users get comfortable in the environment and with the tools
– introduce people to Tapped-In and the Tapped-In community
– help first-time skype moderators learn how to moderate

– post detailed suggestions of how to use each tool
– min requirements for each tool
– use Tapped-In instead of Vyew
– offer pre-event / skypecast training for moderators, including screencasts
– add info about this event to the live event page of the blog
– create a FAQ for participants
– create a Troubleshooting Tips guide for moderators (how to mute/unmute, using tapped in during the session, what to do if you get audio bleedover from another skype conference, what to do if the participant list blanks out but audio continues, etc.)
– leave the wiki open for all participants and moderators to edit and use
– have each moderator create a link on the wiki to their skypecast
– discuss pedagogical considerations for moderators (wait time, inviting all voices, etc)
– start a questions and answers page on the wiki for the event
– use skypecasts instead of an audio bridge (like global learn day had) to introduce more people to the tools of skype ans skypecasts
– create different categories for “bouquets and brickbats” (feedback) on the wiki- this will let people share feedback asynchronously too

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