I’ve written a new post over on the ITM titled “Blogging can make you smarter.”

I originally included the following two paragraphs in the post as well, but I thought maybe the personal tone of these sentences was more appropriate here rather than on the ITM:

I am so appreciative of recent guest bloggers here (including Cheryl Oakes, Dean Shareski, and others) and the conversations they have continued as I’ve been offline from time to time. Many of the comments I read yesterday afternoon after I got back home from Cub Scout camp just blew me away. Not only were the ideas valuable, but the very fact that the conversations were taking place at all between people separated by what would have been HUGE obstacles of space and time in the past amazed me. I have quite a bit of reading and replying to catch up on in the weeks ahead.

The end of June is going to be busy but hopefully rewarding. Next week I’m off to EduComm on Monday, and the next week is NECC. From time to time, I get a sense of how the world of educational collaboration is going to continue to get more AMAZING as even more people join our conversations here. Tracking the conversations around NECC alone via HitchHikr promises to be remarkable this year. And the real good news?

Read the ITM post to find out “the good news!” 🙂 (Hint, it has to do with the theme “getting smarter!”)

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