I’m looking forward to participating with 56 New York educators and Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach tomorrow afternoon in the “Virtual Speed Dating (Web 2.0 style)” activity that is part of Sheryl’s workshop, “High Schools New Face: Connecting the 21st Century Teen.” I updated my intro page on her wiki this afternoon. Tomorrow I’m facilitating the first of three days of our July “Digital Learning Academy” for teachers in Mustang, Oklahoma, and we’ll include this speed dating activity at the end of our day. We’re going to be working with St. Louis teachers in this endeavor. It’s going to be a fun week. I’m looking forward to meeting a host of New York teachers tomorrow, as well as working with our workshop teachers in Mustang and St Louis!

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2 Responses to Virtual Speed Dating (Web 2.0 style) intro

  1. Wes — thanks so much for your willingness to participate. Your voice came through loud and clear. The teachers and superintendents that participated all were thrilled with you and your expertise. I saw many of them on your blog later in the day.

    Thanks for being so willing to give of your time and effort. If they had only let us use Skype we could have avoided some of the glitches.

    This really is like living in constant white water is it not? Now on to K12Online07!

  2. Wesley Fryer says:

    You are most welcome Sheryl– thank YOU for both inviting me to participate and modeling reasoned-risk taking with educational technology for your NY workshop participants as well as many others virtually participating or reading about this after the fact! As Brian Crosby is fond of saying, “learning is messy!” This type of learning which is both challenging and engaging is what we need to do MORE in schools, not less. Your modeling of this was great…. You’re right, it is like living in white water, but that is the environment we all need to learn to navigate in! Yes, onward K12Online!!!

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