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Thoughts on keyboarding and cursive

I’ve published a new post on the TechLearning blog this morning titled, “The new cursive.”

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2 responses to “Thoughts on keyboarding and cursive”

  1. Leif (Norway) Avatar

    Hello Wesley
    I tried to find your email – but didn’t so here is a translation from Norwegian (my posting the other day)
    No: Wesley Fryer er en av de amerikanske lærerbloggerne jeg alltid leser og sjelden blir skuffet av.
    Eng: Wesley Fryer os on of the teacher bloggers that I always read and who seldom disappoints me.
    No: Jeg er litt usikker på om han får tid til å undervise for det virker som at han fyker fra den ene workshopen til den andre.
    Eng: I am unsure if has time to teach because I have the impression he goes from one workshop to another.
    No: Det var han som gjorde meg oppmerksom på hvordan United States Holocaust Memorial Museum brukte YouTube.
    Eng: He made me aware how USHMM used Youtube.
    No.Fotoet til venstre er fra en presentasjon du finner på bloggen hans.
    Eng. The photo to the left is from a presentation you will find in his blog.
    No: Wesley Fryer bruker enhver anledning til å minne om folkemordet som NÅ pågår i Darfur.
    Eng: WF uses every opportunity to remind about the genocide which NOW occur in Darfur.

    Friendly greetings from Leif – it would be nice to meet in real life some day.

  2. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    Wow– thanks so much Leif! Sorry I did not leave my email address on my blog post– silly of me. It is wesfryer [at] pobox [dot] com, if you want to send something else for future reference! Thanks for sharing this translation, glad you’re reading my blog in Norway. Your point about time to teach is a good one– I have to watch my schedule because sometimes I do feel like I’m too busy… Thankfully I generally am able to both teach/share workshops as well as presentations, so that allows me to teach fairly often (usually weekly.) Also I’m teaching our 5th graders (11 year olds) in Sunday School at church this year, so I am really looking forward to that opportunity.