Well, this was some impromptu evening fun. I shared a live broadcast from our front porch this evening over Ustream.tv as a thunderstorm came in and provided a fairly dramatic light show. This 12 minute video is available as an archive on Ustream.

Don’t expect great cinematography here– I did ratchet DOWN the video quality on Ustream a bit, and in hindsight wish I had left this at full quality. Since I was using my home high speed Internet connection I think it would have been fine to leave the video setting at full quality. The audio quality was good for this entire broadcast, however, which is even more important in my view. As Kevin Honeycutt commented (who tuned in live along with five others) this video is a bit reminiscent of The Blair Witch Project! (While perhaps amusing, that comment is not really a compliment, if you’ve ever seen that film…..)

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3 Responses to Ustream broadcast in an Oklahoma Thunderstorm

  1. Thanks for sharing Wesley. Being from Texas, I love thunderstorms too.
    Don’t get them in Washington where I live now. Lived in Indonesia for 3 years and
    they were like clockwork everynight about 6 pm. We would sit on our balcony and
    watch the lightning over the ocean. Amazing power. Fun that you were able to
    share the storm in this way.

  2. Pat says:

    I enjoyed the video. My hubby and I will be driving through OK for the first time in two days. I hope the there isn’t a storm when we come through. We will be going through Oklahoma City.

  3. Jason says:

    Great idea!
    I am currently streaming the life cycle of a painted lady butterfly for my students. This is such a great classroom tool.

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