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EncycloMedia 2008 session proposals

EncycloMedia is our annual library conference in Oklahoma sponsored by the Oklahoma Department of Education. This fall, Encyclomedia will be held in Oklahoma City on September 18-19, 2008. I’m not sure how many of these will be accepted for the conference, but these were the proposal suggestions I submitted this year. Some of these are remixes of previous presentations I’ve shared, others are new.

Sharing Oral History Projects Safely Online
The Celebrate Oklahoma Voices Project provides an outstanding opportunity for Oklahoma librarians to obtain the equipment, knowledge and skills required to record and share oral history projects safely online. Learn how you can participate and bring this fantastic digital history project to your library and community.

Connecting with Librarians for Online Collaboration
Come learn how to safely connect with other librarians and educators around Oklahoma, the United States, and the world to participate in online collaborative projects. Students need to participate in a variety of global learning projects to become responsible digital citizens. Learn how to get started.

Streamlining Student Internet Research
Looking for effective, free ways to help students and teachers streamline their workflow processes when conducting Internet research. Many students waste large amounts of time hand-copying Internet addresses and other documentataion. Free bibliography resouces like as well as Google Notebook will be explored and demonstrated.

Digital Storytelling With Minimal Clicks
Digital storytelling is ideal for technology integration in the library since it is applicable to learners of all ages, in all content areas. The contageous energy with which students embrace digital storytelling projects can translate into better reading and writing skills, and 21st century digital literacy skills while meeting PASS.

Get Wiki With It
This session focuses on helping teachers and students utilize WIKIS to effectively collaborate and learn. A wiki is a website that permits designated individuals to jointly author and edit documents. The wiki software TRACKS each person’s contributions, and facilitates easy comparisons between different document versions.

Using Webkins and Club Penguin to teach Internet Safety
Many students use social networking sites every day when they go home after school. Who is talking to both students and parents about Internet safety in your community regularly? Come learn how to use websites like Webkins and Club Penguin to help your students learn about and practice Internet safety.

Best Practices for Web 2.0 in the Library
Librarians and other educators around the world are forming professional learning communities online to collaborate and learn together. Events like the K-12 Online Conference ( and sites like Classroom 2.0 ( offer superb, FREE opportunities to safely connect with other educators and learn together about web 2.0 best practices.

Google Earth: Connecting Library Learning to the World
All students need to be regularly making geographic connections with their curriculum, and Google Earth is the perfect (and free) tool to facilitate this process. Let’s explore Google Earth and the ways librarians are using it to connect students to literature and our wide world!

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