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DanCoyote ZeroG SkyDancers at MODLA in Second Life on 10 July 2008

These are my notes from DanCoyote ZeroG SkyDancers at MODLA in Second Life on 10 July 2008. This performance was/is our closing MODLA keynote.

DanCoyote ZeroG SkyDancers at MODLA in Second Life on 10 July 2008

According to the SkyDancer’s page on Second Life Wikia:

In mid 2006 new resident DanCoyote Antonelli envisioned a completely new art form in Second Life, the Hyperformalist live peformance.
Based on this vision he created the ZeroG SkyDancers and recruited other residents interested in bringing performance to the next level in Second Life.
By combining choreographed dancers, cutting edge attachments and original music DanCoyote set the standard for live performances.
The routines include dancers moving in practiced patterns while wearing attachements which create synchronized visual effects. Typically performed in darkened venues, the sky dancers remain generally invisible throughout their performances.
The resultant effect of combining audio, visual and movement effects has been universally acclaimed by audiences throughout Second Life.

Act 1: The birth and development of consciousness

The birth and development of consciousness

During the performance the perspective of us as an audience was continually changing and moving, as the skydancers moved around the stage.

The stage was like a theater in the round, reminded me of Star Wars and the performance in Episode III which is Palpatine watching when Anakin comes to talk with him. Very ehterial, fluid, at times disorienting, magical.

DanCoyote peformance at MODLA 2008

The combination of music with the movement of the avatars was at time reminiscent of Native American dances I have seen.

Skydancers performance

Like some artistic dance performances I’ve seen and experienced in the past, this has a very etherial feel to it. Because the dancers are able to fly and move in ways that are impossible in real life, however, there is a real mystical and magical quality to this…

Skycancer performance in SL at MODAL 2008

I think we have reached the finale, but I don’t think think the F2F audience here in Missouri realizes that we are supposed to be clapping!

This is really not an event or experience that I think I can adequately communicate about with text and static images

Now DanCoyote is going to introduce each of the skydancers individually…
– some are 2nd and 3rd generation skydancers. I’m not sure what that means…
– some of the skydancers are also members of the Second Life Ballet

Wow. This was an amazing conclusion to the conference. Certainly unlike any other conference closing keynote I’ve seen or experienced!

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