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Akismet spam delete all problem fixed

Yeah Ryan! The WordPress Akismet problem I blogged about on August 25th has been resolved.


Before Akismet 2.1.8


All Akismet spam deleted!

What a relief! It is disheartening to see that our K-12 Online Conference blog attracted over 3000 blog spam comments in just 5 days this past week. Previously we had been running version 2.2 of WordPress along with a much older version of Akismet, and the blog was getting FAR FEWER spam comments. Apparently upgrading has been a security downgrade, or there are many more blog spambots spewing pings to the latest version of WordPress. 🙁

In addition to updating Akismet I’ve also installed the WordPress plug-in WP-Spamfree to address spam comments. We continue using the Simple Trackback Validation plug-in as well. We’ve used Spam Karma 2 in the past but don’t currently have it activated.

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