This podcast is a recording of the 2008 Oklahoma Distance Learning Association (ODLA) conference keynote by Tammy Parks. Tammy is a fantastic educator who teaches in Howe Public Schools in Howe, Oklahoma. Tammy teaches broadcast journalism, and utilizes videoconferencing technologies as well as web 2.0 tools with both students and teachers in engaging ways. This week alone, students at Howe participated in four different virtual field trips! Last spring students in Tammy’s broadcast journalism class won the nationwide KC3 contest for their student-led virtual field trip of the nearby archeological site Spiro Mounds. KC3 is sponsored by the CILC and Tandberg. Tammy is inspirational and it is wonderful to hear about all the creative and engaging ways she is helping learners in Howe learn in new ways. Lance Ford, who was previously the director of technology for Howe Public Schools, also talked at the end of the keynote about the ways Howe students are now bring video from the field using a Tandberg Mobile Commander. With a satellite uplink, students and teachers can now videoconference with anyone online, anywhere. Lance also told about their latest project to bring student-created video content into the teen grid on Second Life.

Show Notes:

  1. Homepage of Tammy Parks
  2. Tammy’s page on Classroom 2.0
  3. Howe students’ KC3 Project: The Mound Builder, The Myth, the Legend
  4. My text notes of Tammy’s session
  5. Oklahoma Distance Learning Association (ODLA)
  6. Howe Public Schools website
  7. The Tandberg Mobile Commander
  8. Kids Creating Community Content (KC3)
  9. The Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC)
  10. The CILC Collaboration Center

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