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Podcast298: An Interview on Manitoba Morning Radio with Darren Kuropatwa about Numeracy, Literacy, Student Summary Blogging, Digital Learning and the K-12 Online Conference

This podcast features a recording of the January 2, 2009,  live morning radio show interview in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on CJOB|68 with Darren Kuropatwa, minus the news and advertisement breaks. The conversation focused on Darren’s utilization of scribe posts by his Calculus and Pre-Calculus students at Daniel McIntyre Academy in Winnipeg, the imporance of numeracy as well as literacy, and the power of online learning communities to support as well as motivate students inside and outside the classroom. Darren was joined in this series of interviews by Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, Dean Shareski, and Wesley Fryer, who along with Darren are co-conveners of the free and global K-12 Online Conference. K12Online is an online conference for teachers, by teachers, amplifying the possibilities for using digital technologies as well as online learning communities to support engaged learning. Mark Rabena, one of Darren’s former students also joined in our discussions. Many thanks to radio program host Richard Cloutier for sharing these stories with radio listeners around Manitoba as well as the world! We had about 35 educators in a backchannel chat room (via Chatterous) discussing these conversations, listening to the radio program live as it was streamed over the Internet. Kudos to Darren not only for his outstanding leadership for educators in his school and nation, but also for his work in bringing about this mainstream media radio interview in Canada. I hope this is the first of MANY more mainstream media interviews we’ll see in the months and years ahead about the K-12 Online Conference and the innovative ways digital technologies are being used by educators like Darren to engage students in the learning process.


Show Notes:

  1. A Difference – Blog of Darren Kuropatwa
  2. The K-12 Online Conference
  3. Student Mark Rabena’s posts to the AP Calculus AB (2007-08) blog
  4. CJOB|68 Radio in Winnipeg, Manitoba
  5. 21st Century Learning – Blog of Sheryl Nussbuam-Beach
  6. Ideas and Thoughts of an EdTech – Blog of Dean Shareski
  7. Moving at the Speed of Creativity – Blog of Wesley Fryer

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4 responses to “Podcast298: An Interview on Manitoba Morning Radio with Darren Kuropatwa about Numeracy, Literacy, Student Summary Blogging, Digital Learning and the K-12 Online Conference”

  1. […] sitting here listening to a podcast of a radio show that was broadcast yesterday in Manitoba, Canada. Not what I would normally do, certainly. However […]

  2. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    Darren has posted the recorded audio from this session without ads and news as well to the Internet Archive.

  3. […] advertisements and news breaks,  Wes Fryer has extracted the content and posted it as his blog.  Technorati Tags:   21st Century Learning, DK-CJOB,   K12 Online Monday, January […]

  4. H Songhai Avatar

    A sparkling and dynamic exchange. I thoroughly enjoyed listening.