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Students interviewing students over Skype at school

Last week at our Oklahoma Technology Association‘s annual conference, high school journalism teacher Tammy Parks shared a presentation titled “Student-Created Virtual Field Trips: Howe Public Schools Live and On Location!” In the presentation, Tammy showed how one of her students has been using Skype to conduct interviews over video with national school organization presidents around the United States. This video, “Skype in the classroom,” is now available on the Celebrate Oklahoma Voices learning community. This is a great example of how Skype can be and IS being used by students AT SCHOOL to open up new avenues of learning as well as collaboration.

Find more videos like this on Celebrate Oklahoma Voices!

Mrs. Parks’ students are continuing to conduct a “Collaboration 2.0” project in which they interview different professionals from different careers over video as part of their journalism class.

For more about using Skype in the classroom for videoconferencing, check out Brian Crosby‘s excellent presentation “Video-Conferencing It’s Easy, Free and Powerful” for the 2008 K-12 Online Conference. Also check out Neil Stephenson’s post on ISTEconnects from earlier this week, “The Many Roles of Skype in the Classroom.” I have more resources relating to videoconferencing in the classroom on my wiki curriculum page, “Videoconferencing Collaborations and Virtual Field Trips.”

Last of all, be sure to check out the online home of the weekly news broadcast “CLE Live!” from Howe Public Schools, where Tammy Parks teaches.

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3 responses to “Students interviewing students over Skype at school”

  1. James Sigler Avatar

    My class is Skyping with a 5th grade class in NC if the bandwidth holds up. I am going to trying adding a backchannel so more students are engaged at the same time. I’m trying to embed various chat windows on my class web page in hopes that one of them is not blocked. would be great, but it’s blocked. Arrg! I hate filters when I need to get things done. 🙁

  2. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    James: That is great! Are they teaching something to the other class, interviewing them about something, sharing about their community, or doing something else? Please keep me posted on how this goes.

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