This podcast is a recording of Dr. David Thorburg’s presentation “Science Education from a Technology Leader’s Perspective” at the 2009 CoSN Conference on March 11, 2009. The official conference program description of this session was: K-12 education science, technology, engineering and mathematics is a hot topic today, with conversations spanning from the classroom to the Oval Office.  Technology can be used in ways that help address many of the challenges facing K-12 STEM programs.  This dynamic talk explores five challenges:  Shortage of qualified teachers; Learning that science is a vibrant human activity, cutting back on hand’s- on science instruction; Science as inquiry and projects; Connecting science to other subjects.  By moving toward a more constructionist approach to science instruction, taking advantage of various cutting-edge probe-ware tools and other computer based resources, many of these challenges can be addressed in ways that greatly increase student appreciation for more analytical subjects.  Our economic recovery requires a highly educated populace, and this presentation tackles some of those challenges head-on.


Show Notes:

  1. Dr. Thornburg’s website: The Thornburg Center for Space Exploration
  2. My text notes from this session
  3. PhET: Free online physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and math simulations (University of Colorado at Boulder)
  4. Explore Learning Gizmos
  5. Instructables
  6. PASCO’s Spark
  7. Futurework 2020

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