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Film on the Fly – Earth Day Contest Starts Monday!

Don’t forget to register for the next “Film on the Fly” cell phone / mobile phone digital storytelling contest! It’s free to participate and the fun begins this coming Monday, April 20th, at 9:00 AM PDT. Complete this Google form to sign up. Participants will receive the contest prompt via SMS, and have 48 hours to plan, shoot, edit and upload a final video. Videos cannot exceed 4 minutes in length, past videos have averaged 2 minutes long. Videos must be shot/recorded with a cell/mobile phone, but can be edited on a computer using software like iMovie. After all submissions have been received, participants are asked to view and rate all the videos starting April 22nd: Earth Day!

My kids and I had a blast creating a video for the last “Film on the Fly” contest on “Pi Day.” We’re looking forward to two days of creativity and mobile filmmaking this time around for Earth Day! Plan to join the fun!

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One response to “Film on the Fly – Earth Day Contest Starts Monday!”

  1. Paul Richardson Avatar

    WOW! As a film critic, I’m tempted to say we have broken company from Dogme 95, into “the other side” (ha ha). How on earth you manage to blend love of life, love of learning, and of course your wonderful love as a father is amazing Wes.

    I loved the movie Pi, and was skeptical until now that all reality itself, really is composed of numbers. (thanks for making me a true believer!).