Moving at the Speed of Creativity by Wesley Fryer

Slidecast of Part 2 of 2: Storychasing – Empowering Students as Digital Witnesses

This evening I uploaded and synchronized an audio recording my keynote Saturday for the Webheads in Action Online Convergence 2009 Conference, publishing a Slidecast on Slideshare:

I apologize for the rather poor audio quality of the recording at times, I should have simply laid my audio recorder on the table when I was sharing this presentation over Elluminate— I think the distracting noises which you’ll hear at times are my recorder bumping into the table where I was sitting during this online keynote. (I’ll avoid that mistake in the future!)

In addition to publishing part 1 of this series (my keynote at Podstock09) as a Slidecast today as well as this “part 2 of 2” WiAOC09 keynote, I created two PDF quickstart guides for SlideShare and Slidecasts which may be of interest. Feel free to uses these for your own learning needs as well as workshops / training opportunities under a CC Attribution license:

  1. A Quickstart Guide for SlideShare (1 page PDF)
  2. A Quickstart Guide for Slidecasting (1 page PDF)

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