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Podcast324: Gaming, Fun, and Digital Citizenship at the Internet Cafe in Cushing, Oklahoma

This podcast is a recording of an interview I conducted in February 2009 with Linda the Computer Lady at her Internet Cafe in Cushing, Oklahoma. The young people in Cushing (as well as older folks who are digitally inclined) are extremely fortunate to have an entrepreneur like Linda in their community who has provided this accountable and safe environment for Internet-based gaming and fun since 2004. Where Internet Cafes focused on gaming for teens have failed in some other Oklahoma communities, this business in Cushing (a small community of approximately 8000 people) is continuing to survive. Linda’s cafe is the 21st century version of the corner drug store or soda fountain. I was impressed with the ways Linda maintains a climate of accountability for her patrons, and the ways she is helping them learn about digital citizenship, accountability, and the responsible use of digital resources as they enjoy gaming online. In the introduction to the podcast, I also share a few experiences about testing the Platronics 470 headset for podcasting. I recorded this interview after recording a webcast for the Oklahoma Technical Assistance Center (OTAC) which is located across the street from Linda’s Internet Cafe in Cushing. I wish all our Oklahoma communities could have an Internet Cafe environment like Linda’s to enjoy and in which they could learn.

Show Notes:

  1. Flickr Photo Set of the Linda’s Internet Cafe in Cushing, Oklahoma
  2. Cushing, Oklahoma (Wikipedia)
  3. Smartlaunch: Internet Cafe Software
  4. Platronics 470 Headset
  5. Platronics 655 Headset
  6. The Oklahoma Technical Assistance Center (OTAC)
  7. Free webcasts from OTAC

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