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Notes from #gtaco – Google Teacher Academy: Boulder, Colorado

We had a phenomenal day of learning at the Google Teacher Academy in Boulder, Colorado. Here are all my notes from today:

  1. GTA Boulder Notes: Morning Part 1 – 2009
  2. GTA Boulder Notes: Morning Part 2 – 2009
  3. GTA Boulder Notes: Afternoon Part 1 – 2009
  4. GTA Boulder Notes: Afternoon Part 2 – 2009
  5. GTA Boulder Notes: Afternoon Part 3 – 2009
  6. Explorations with other Google Tools

I also recorded a 35 minute audio podcast reflecting on the GTA, which is available as a free podcast.

Google Certified Teacher

I’m looking forward to leading some Google Education Workshops in the months ahead. 🙂

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7 responses to “Notes from #gtaco – Google Teacher Academy: Boulder, Colorado”

  1. Miguel Guhlin Avatar

    Congrats, Wes!! What a thrill! I’ve been wanting to get Google-ized but manage to keep busy with other exciting stuff!

    Best wishes on your Google journey,
    Miguel Guhlin
    Around the Corner

  2. Karlana Kulseth aka hawaiianbrat96 Avatar

    What an honor, congrats! I look forward to hopefully becoming part of this great community of GCTs! Again, congrats, Wes!

  3. Angie Wassenmiller Avatar

    That’s awesome… and I’m jealous! Congratulations!

  4. romanca Avatar

    this is so boring. amazing how can google get attention for doing something like this. this is like microsoft office training 5 years ago. where is the new pedagogy? this was all about how to work with our tools. company like google should do be able to do more with the money they have available. look what microsoft is doing at .

  5. Wesley Fryer Avatar
    Wesley Fryer

    Sorry to bore you, @romanca. If Microsoft is doing something similar to the GTA for their products I’d love to know about it– Please share the link.

    Google is creating phenomenal tools and sharing them with the world– I’d love to see MS innovate in similar ways.

  6. Rebecca Avatar

    Congrats! This is on my prof dev To Do list. Do you know when the next session will be?

  7. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    I am not sure, but when the application is available it will be posted on I’d guess they’ll do another one later in the fall, but I am not sure.