This podcast features a recording of Ginger Lumen’s presentation with her students at the 2009 PodStock conference entitled, “Students as Self-Advocates: Why/How Learners Should Craft Their Own Digital Footprints.” The official conference description of the session was: When you last “Googled” your name, what did you find? All learners should ponder those results when considering potential colleges, scholarships, jobs, and even future mates. Is it better for the results to come up poorly or not at all? Come learn how we can help our children become more digitally literate and earn an A+ in Digital Citizenship. [END OF DESCRIPTION] The Podstock conference bio for Ginger Lumen stated: Ginger is the Director of the f2f Program at Turning Point Learning Center, a charter school in Emporia, KS. The f2f Program has been developing over the past 3 years with a PBL, 21st Century, global orientation for our 5th-8th graders. The result has been the Life Practice Model, where students are practicing skills and habits that will truly prepare them for the real world. Ginger graduated from Emporia State University with a BSE in Social Science and an MS in Psychology/Special Education: Gifted Education. She also serves as the KS Education Policy and Legislative Liaison for the Kansas Association for the Gifted, Talented, and Creative and serves as part of the Kansas Learning First Alliance. [END OF BIO] Please refer to the podcast shownotes for related links and resources.

Show Notes:

  1. Ginger’s Wiki of Resources for this session:
  2. Facts from the Pew Internet & American Life ProjectA Few More Facts
  3. Discussion Questions
  4. Digital Citizen Links
  5. Cell Phone Smart
  6. Craft Yours: Ideas and tools for how to thoughtfully and purposefully design your own footprint
  7. My text notes from this session and Ustream video archive
  8. Ginger Lumen on Plurk (GingerTPLC)
  9. Podstock Ning
  10. Podstock Southwest Ning

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