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Dean Shareski at ITSC 2010

Dean Shareski is going to be presenting several GREAT sessions about visual literacy, why sharing matters, Twitter, and RSS at the 2010 ITSC conference in Portland, Oregon in February. In this 4 minute YouTube video, Dean gives a preview to his sessions.

What a great teaser video! If I was going to ITSC this year, I’d definitely be hearing from Dean! I love the way Dean chooses non-technical titles for sessions which will clearly have some technical content, but will also be highly accessible to educators who do not necessarily define themselves as “techies.” “Get Visual,” focusing on visual literacy and digital storytelling, is a brilliant session title, as is “Your Kindergarten Teacher Was Right: Sharing Matters.”

We all need to share more of our learning journeys, and I look forward to hearing more from Dean even though I won’t be at ITSC this year in person!

Here’s a video of Dean’s session on sharing from the 2009 Palm Beach Educational Technology Conference:

Your Kindergarten Teacher Was Right: Why Sharing Matters More Than Ever

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2 responses to “Dean Shareski at ITSC 2010”

  1. Dean Shareski Avatar

    Thanks Wes,

    I thought the idea of asking presenters to provide this type of information in video format is a great idea and I’m sure will help people make informed decisions about how to spend their time. It’s similar to the teasers done by K12 Online. It would be great if more conferences adopted this concept.

  2. Darren Hudgins Avatar

    Thanks for posting this Wes-

    You were excellent at ITSC last year! We hope to have you attend again next year (2011).

    If any of your readers would like to check out our Instructional Technology Strategies Conference (ITSC 2010) line-up in addition to Dean Shareski, please go to our website: (Dr, Stephen Heppell, Dr. Stuart Brown, Chris Lehman, Rushton Hurley, Angela Maiers, Dr. Gary Stager, Steve Dembo, Kevin Honeycutt, Peggy Sheehy and more all in beautiful Portland, Oregon)

    Registration just opened today! We only take 450 people to keep it hands on, engaging and collaborative, so hurry.