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PollEverywhere Polls and Results from KATE

Yesterday at the KATE conference in Wichita, Kansas, we used PollEverywhere for a multiple choice poll as well as an open-text poll during the opening presentation. Here are our polls and results. Our multiple choice poll asked, “What has shaped your perception of Oklahoma most?”

Try this audience polling system at Poll Everywhere

After reviewing this poll’s results, a participant asked how to create one from scratch. Someone suggested the question, “What makes a hero?” Rather than creating that as a multiple-choice poll, I created it as an open-text poll. This took a bit longer for responses to come in, but it was great to demonstrate both poll types at the conference.

Make your own poll voting question with Poll Everywhere

I think seeing PollEverywhere in action during a conference presentation was a big “a-ha” moment for some of the participants. One of the attendees shared that she used PollEverywhere with students and found it helped build a sense of community in class– students were actually able to use their cell phones legitimately in class for a learning purpose, and they found that both a novel and engaging experience.

Mobiode and Wiffiti are two other sites offering polling by cell phone functionality. All three of these are included on my “Cell Phones for Learning” wiki curriculum page.

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