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7 Mac and iPhone Software Apps for which I’m thankful

As we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday today in the United States, Miguel Guhlin is encouraging others to share software applications for which they are thankful. Here are my picks, both for my Mac and iPhone.

7 Mac Applications for which I’m thankful:

1. Mars Edit: The offline blog post editor which I use every day.

2. Skitch: A free screensnap and annotation tool which can automatically post to Flickr, along with other photo sharing destinations. I use this almost every day.

3. TextWrangler: A free text editor supporting GREP search and replace functionality, and handy for use as an intermediate location to paste and re-copy web-based text when I don’t want to paste formatted text in a destination application or location which does not support a “paste text only” option.

4. Cyberduck: A free FTP appliation for Mac which I use to upload podcasts and other files to my web host account.

5. FireFox: A great, free web browser which I use extensively along with the default Safari web browser on my Mac.

6. Seashore: A free port of the open source image editing program The Gimp. This is my main photo and graphic editing program these days. I haven’t owned or used a copy of PhotoShop for several years now, thanks to The Gimp and Seashore.

7. Flickr Uploader: A great free application to label, arrange in sets, tag, and upload images to Flickr.

My current iPhone home screen

7 iPhone applications for which I’m thankful:

1. Pano: An amazing $3 app which permits users to create multi-image panoramic images of different scenes.

2. Loopt: A free mobile life blogging app which I connect to my Twitter account (which is connected to my Facebook) to share mobile updates as well as photos.

3. Ecofon: My favorite iPhone Twitter application, also free. I particularly use this to check and respond to Twitter direct messages (DMs) and @reply messages.

4. Facebook for iPhone: I hardly ever use Facebook on my laptop now, instead I use this mobile application to check and post updates, confirm friend requests, check and send Facebook email, etc.

5. Holy Bible (YouVersion): I love having 40 different translations of the Bible in my pocket and at my fingertips at all times. My favorite translation to use these days is “The Message,” and I also use the daily reading suggestions (based Robert Roberts’ daily reading plan developed over 100 years ago) fairly often.

6. Evernote: This is my digital archive for notes, my off-board brain. If someone give me a tip or suggestion, I try to note it quickly in Evernote. It’s searchable and not only accessible via my iPhone but also via the web-based interface and desktop application.

7. Google Reader for Mobiles (actually a web app): I read almost all my news these days from my RSS reader / aggregator, Google Reader. It’s free, allows for flexible sharing, and also has a “star” feature which I use to flag articles I want to blog about or share in another way later.

Fairly complete lists of my Macintosh applications as well as my iPhone applications are also available on

What software and mobile phone applications make your “thankful” list this year?

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3 responses to “7 Mac and iPhone Software Apps for which I’m thankful”

  1. Matt Townsley Avatar

    I recently downloaded the “YouVersion” of the Bible for my ipod Touch. I enjoy the many translations available online (wifi at church!) as well as the few free ones that can be downloaded for offline viewing.

    I’m also thankful for my cell phone in general which allows me to receive phone calls and text messages from my best friend on a daily basis, my wife. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Wesley Fryer Avatar

    See Lifehacker’s post today, “61 Free Apps We’re Most Thankful For” for many more software links on this theme!

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