Today because of privacy and confidentiality concerns at an event, I needed to share videos I recorded there with my iPhone on a password protected website. This is how I did it using iLife ’09 and Mobile Me.

I recorded video of a children’s performance at a local homeless shelter using the free Ustream for iPhone Recorder application this morning. I initially thought I’d be able to share these videos publicly, so that is why I used the Ustream recording application instead of the built-in video recorder on my iPhone GS. Unlike the jailbroken version of the Ustream Recorder which would “live stream” and record events directly to Ustream, this legitimately available video recording app from the iTunes Store creates offline versions of videos up to ten minutes in length (each) and permits users to upload those videos directly to Ustream, YouTube, and other websites later. See my post “Lessons learned using Ustream Recorder for iPhone” for more details about that app.

To post these videos on a password-protected Mobile Me album, my first step was downloading FLV versions of my videos from Ustream to my Apple laptop. I then converted those videos from Flash to QuickTime format using the free TubeTV application. In TubeTV, select FILE – CONVERT FILES to do this.

After creating these QuickTime (and therefore “Mobile-Me friendly”) videos, I opened iPhoto and dragged the three videos in as photos.

Drag QT videos into iPhoto

After the videos imported into iPhoto, I selected all three and clicked the “plus” symbol in the lower left corner of the screen to create a new ALBUM. Rather than choosing to make a new media album on my local computer, however, I clicked on the Mobile ME icon at the top of the menu. I titled the album, and because I wanted to PASSWORD PROTECT this online album, I chose to create a unique and private username/password combination. I then clicked PUBLISH.

Set user name and password for secure Mobile Me album access

It seems to take a long time for videos like this to publish to Mobile Me, but the result is worth the wait. I was able to share the website/URL for the site (visible just under the title of the Mobile Me album) via email with members of our family, along with the userid/password combination I created in iPhoto.

Uploading media to Mobile Me

A Mobile Me account costs $100 per year from Apple. I use my account most to sync and share my calendars from my iPhone, but this ability to password protect online media albums is another compelling reason to have an account. This process is fast and relatively painless.

DISCLOSURE: (Please see my disclosure policy for more information about my past and current relationships with Apple. Apple neither encouraged me or compensated me in any way for sharing this endorsement of Mobile Me/iLife and tutorial. I use the site/service and software, and think they are both great. That’s why I shared this post.)

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