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Kids writing for fun online

I’m helping members of my son’s Boy Scout troop design and develop a new website using WordPress, and we had a meeting tonight to discuss both content and design elements of the site. One of the boys shared a forum he has recently created using the free website ForumMotion. It warms my heart to see examples of how he’s been writing stories for fun on the site, and sharing them with others.

My own son has been enjoying stories shared on FanFiction lately. These websites and reading opportunities certainly raise new issues which I did not face at this scale when I was growing up, but on balance I think the access to ideas which is available today is VERY positive and desirable. What a contrast most school websites are today to these interactive spaces where young people can create and publish.


Who would have imagined even ten years ago that it would become so easy to publish ideas interactively for a global audience?

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