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Google Presentations are Mobile Phone Ready

Earlier this month I shared a presentation both face-to-face and online via Ustream giving an overview of the Storychaser’s Mobile Learning Collaborative. Instead of using Keynote (which I generally prefer for presentations) or PowerPoint, I created the presentation for this session using a Google Presentation. I was delighted to realize every Google Presentation is automatically formatted to be mobile-ready, displaying well on an iPhone or iPod Touch. I haven’t tried or seen one on another type of Smartphone, but am guessing they’ll format well on other mobile platforms as well. This is a screenshot of my preso on my iPhone.

Google Presentations are mobile-ready!

There is great value in composing and sharing ideas in the cloud. This is the first presentation I’ve created entirely on a netbook, using Ubuntu Netbook Remix as my operating system. It’s fantastic to be able to create and share presentations as Google Presentations which are immediately accessible and available on a variety of operating systems and platforms, including mobile phones. In the years ahead, it will become even more important to share content which is mobile-phone friendly.

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2 responses to “Google Presentations are Mobile Phone Ready”

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  2. Amit Srivastava Avatar

    The Safari browser on iPhone/ iPod touch is pretty close to web browsers in fact.
    I tried Google presentations on a few Nokia smart phones. The Symbian series 60 default browser doesn’t yet support it. Nor the Opera mini. Opera for Mobile does seem to open it at-least, but not too optimized.

    I don’t think Google has yet done anything at their end to optimize their presentations for mobiles. It is just the exceptionally efficient handling of Safari on iphone/ipod which makes the difference :-).

    Will be good to keep a close watch on this.